March 18, 2019

All are invited!
All are welcome!

We are Handicap Accessible!


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THIS SUN., MARCH 24th is the Third SUN. of Lent.
All are welcome & invited to join us
at our 10 a.m. service.
Immediately following worship, we will hold our
All of our members are urged to attend
to help guide us through the coming year

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MARCH 2019

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MARCH 2019


We wrap our prayers around the all victims of hatred & violence everywhere.

Love is Stronger than hate.

God help us.



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One Great Hour of Sharing (O.G.H.S.)



Have you discovered real joy in your life? What or who made you feel that joy?  We have just experienced the birth of Jesus not so long ago, and we all felt the joy that comes from finding hope, once again, for our world and its people.  Now I want to open your minds to the joy of giving!
I know that “getting by” for many of us in this difficult economy means sacrificing! For some of us “sacrificing” means switching to home brewed coffee and forgoing that latte in the mornings at our favorite coffee bar!  For most of the world, sacrificing means which bills to pay, which child will receive a meal, or how to spend the $1 a day income most effectively.  It is hard for us to imagine making these choices , as we are, as yet, fortunate to have avoided the disasters faced by many in the United States and the world.

"One Great Hour of Sharing" (OGHS) hopes to change things for people who live on the brink.  We will be partners with churches all over  the world  for one hour, during our offering time, with the opportunity to bring JOY to those in need ! We will build schools, medical clinics, secure clean water and sewage facilities, bring safety, shelter, and food to disaster  refugees, and foster self  sufficiency through education, health care, job training, and providing tools.  We won’t even have to leave our pews to do all of these wonderful  deeds, but we may have to move over to allow JOY to sit beside us!!
Please consider a gift to "OGHS" -as generous a gift as you are able. There is much to do!!
One Great Hour of Sharing: sharing resources, changing lives, bringing JOY!

Offering Coordinator, Sue Beling

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